I develop narrative by placing symbols in juxtaposition to their origins or in otherwise ironic settings. This conflict between expectation and contradiction is further reinforced by the placement of the drawings in sculptural forms. In one area the sculptural character may be defined and strengthened by the drawings, while in other areas the form itself may be nullified. I use this pushing and pulling of space and illusion as another means of manipulating the viewer's perception. These conflicts and contradictions encourage a questioning atmosphere and direct the viewer to examine the ambiguities of reality, illusion and perception.

The body of work reflects my efforts to change perceptions of physical substance and the ordinary, to look beyond the surface of things, to find meaning in what is hidden or sometimes overlooked. I use these metaphors repeatedly because it reflects a basic philosophy and view I have about the human condition. A repeated theme in my work, stems from the idea of regeneration. What I mean with regeneration is the fact that I find myself inexplicably drawn to recreating centuries-old cultural practices; I also refer to art/culture and regeneration nexus throughout the history , but it can also be a personal activity of spiritual or physical renewal.

For example, if one looks very close at physical reality (the microcosm) the small parts reflect and constitute the large (or macrocosm). or, the separate cells that make up a human body are really what you are. In other words, the way everything physically appears to your eyes or senses is just a limited view of what is really there, or that your position is limited to your perceptions and is not necessarily the only way to look at things. It is all a matter of what exists in your mind and if broken down, all things are comprised of the same elemental material and this particular interrelation is what I often times seem to repeatedly express.

This is not only physical but also mental. What is within is also without. Similarly, how one perceives life (internal) is how one will live (external). Making a clear link between microcosmos with macrocosmos,a ritual with reality, and the world of matter with the world of spirit. A man itself where physiological and psychological processes are taking place, experiences a total transformation and becomes an instrument where all the cosmic powers are taking place.

Wonder own magic.
Paralyse the consciousness.
Twist the dream.